The Queen City Softball League provides and protects the opportunity for individuals who support the bonds of Gay fellowship to play softball in a friendly competitive atmosphere free of discrimination on the basis of ability, age, race, creed, gender or sexual orientation.


All participants of the League will remember that the game is played for fun and to promote unity within the GLBTQ Community. We will work together to create a positive environment that fosters an acceptance of all league members through mutual respect.


All members must be a minimum of 18 years old by the first game of the season in order to become a member of the League.  Also, all members are subject to the rules and regulations of the League and are subject to consequences if their actions are deemed detrimental to the League.  Regardless of membership level, each participant must fill out a registration form and have it turned in two weeks prior to the start of the season.

Anyone who participates in the game, whether it is playing the field, base coaching, or otherwise, that enters the field of play and did not pay a membership fee will subject their team to a forfeit. Only registered players and/or non-players are permitted on the field or in the team’s dugout.

Paying membership allows the person access to the food and drink specials at each participating bar after the games.

Player – anyone who elects to be added to the playing roster of a team. The fee is $40.00.

Any player may move to another team (once per season) with the approval of both managers.  If the managers do not approve the transfer, the player can petition the Board, which will decide the outcome.

A player can be added to a team roster until the Thursday of the 3rd week of play

Non-Player – anyone who does not play the field but fills any of the following roles: scorekeeper, base coach, booster or manager.

Any non-player may upgrade to player status at any point during the season by paying the difference between the two levels of membership and having the manager’s approval. The fee is $30.00.

Team Sponsors

The fee for sponsoring a team is $250.00. If a sponsor chooses to sponsor more than one team, the fee for the second team will be $200.00. It is suggested (but not mandatory) that each sponsor host a bar day after one of the week’s scheduled games. This serves dual purposes, to alleviate the cost of sponsoring a team and to help foster camaraderie between the players and the community.

It is also suggested that before the season begins, sponsors plan a fundraiser to help defer the costs of the sponsorship fee and the uniforms.  All sponsors must inform the board of its fundraiser date prior to holding the event. This will ensure that all teams are given an equal opportunity to prosper from their events.

A team may elect to self-sponsor instead of soliciting sponsorship from an establishment.  If a team cannot find a sponsor the League will work diligently to assist the team in finding a sponsor.

Officers of the League

Commissioner – Matt Yarger (e-mail)

Assistant Commissioner – Kevin Argus

Secretary – Jennie Powers

Treasurer – Jeannine Campbell

Women’s LiaisonKelly Ambrose

Players’ Representative – Mark Barille (contact)

Information Technology Administrator – Patrick Butler

To see the duties of each officer please see Board Responsibilities.

When a grievance or protest is brought to the league’s attention, the Board will decide the outcome of each case.  Any Board member whose team is part of any such grievance/protest will be excused from the decision process. If need be, members of the League will be asked to serve on committees.

In order to ensure continuity from year to year, the Board positions will be broken up for re-election in odd/even number years. The offices of Commissioner, Secretary and Public Relations will be elected in even numbered years and the Assistant Commissioner, Treasurer, Women’s Liaison and Information Technology Administrator will be elected in odd numbered years.   Each position will become effective Nov 1st and are two-year terms.  Please be advised this may change due to resignations or removals.

Any position not filled or vacated will be filled by measure of appointment by the remaining members of the QCSL Board by majority vote. The league will post any open positions on the League’s website.

Announcement of elections will take place one week before the start of playoffs and voting will be conducted at the fields during the playoffs.  Anyone wishing to run for a position must be a paying member in good standing with the League and notify the League of their interest by email.


The umpires shall be chosen after a process of looking at available options in the area.  Regardless of what association the league hires, they will follow ASA guidelines for play.  However, the League will make amendments to these regulations in order to better suit the needs of our League.

It must be noted that the umpires will make judgment calls during the course of a game and no member of the League should approach an official and dispute a call in a manner that is disrespectful.  Any issue with a specific umpire must be brought to the attention of the board via email. During the course of a game, the umpire’s ruling is final.

Any player ejected from a game will not be eligible to play in their team’s next scheduled game and could be further suspended after board review.

No game will be played without a League-sanctioned umpire.


The League will consist of an undetermined amount of recreational teams.   The Board will structure the season’s schedule and playoffs based on the number of teams.  All teams must have a minimum of twelve (12) players and no maximum will be set.  However, it is extremely important that managers take into account fair playing time for all players. Each player must play in half of the team’s scheduled games in order to be eligible to participate in the playoffs.

No games will be held during Buffalo Pride Weekend or during the Glory Be to the Kids Softball Tournament.

Rainouts will be attached to the end of the schedule, but please keep in mind that if numerous cancellations occur, all (or no) games may be made up due to requirements of our permit with the City of Buffalo.


All decisions regarding the schedule and playoffs will be made by the Board.  Also, any mediation regarding grievances and protests will be made by the Board.  If the Board chooses to make rule changes (from the previous year), these amendments must be approved by the managers by a simple majority vote.


Winning percentage will determine the standings in order from highest (1st seed) to lowest total (last seed). In the event of a tie, head-to-head record will determine standings, followed by head-to-head run differential, followed by runs against (fewest runs against will win the tiebreaker). If there is still a tie, a coin flip will determine standings.


In order for a player to qualify for the playoffs they must have game credit for 50% of the total games played throughout the regular season.

The playoff structure will be determined by the Board.

Teams will be seeded by winning percentage earned from highest to lowest.

15 run rule and time limit ARE IN EFFECT

If after 7 innings of play there is a tie, the use of the International Tie Breaking Rule will be used:

“Starting with the top of the eighth inning, and each half inning thereafter, the offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half inning being placed on second base. (e.g., if the number five batter is the lead off batter for the inning, the number four batter in the batting order will be placed on second base. A substitute may be inserted for the runner)”

Teams MAY NOT borrow during the playoffs.


In order to earn one full-game credit, a player must play in 3 full innings. This can be accomplished by being an extra hitter, being a position player, subbing for another team, or by being a designated runner. Any player who is injured and attends their team’s games will earn ½ of a game credit along with any player who is present but does not enter the game. These players must be marked in the scorebook on the team’s “bench” for that game in order to receive credit (see below).


All games will be played at LaSalle Park from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm.

At all times, all players must be wearing proper shoes (no metal spikes) and if playing in the field, using a glove.  All bats must be ASA approved (a ban list will be made available) and laid out prior to the game for the umpire to check.

All equipment necessary to set up the fields will be provided in the totes at each diamond.  The HOME team sets up the diamonds and the AWAY team is responsible for breaking them down.  A diagram on how to set up the field is in the tote bin provided at each field.

The games start when the umpire calls for play, lasting 90 minutes, and no inning will be started after 1 hour and 15 minutes.  If need be, after the umpire calls for a play, a team will be given a ten-minute grace period to field the necessary amount of players.

When a team wins by the 15 run rule (home team up by 15 after 4 ½ innings or away team up by 15 after 5 innings) the first fifteen runs will count towards the run differential.

If a team forfeits, the game will be scored 7-0 for the winning (non-forfeiting team).


Each manager will be provided team roster sheets at the start of the season. The manager must keep track of who from the opposing team played in the game on the roster sheet.  Each manager must indicate the final score, any substitute players used, opposing team’s Sportsperson of the game, and sign the team rosters at the end of the game.

Each roster must be returned the binder bin by the park bathrooms at the end of gameplay. Any team who fails to turn their team rosters in by 5:30pm will result in no player credit awarded. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.  It is advised that every team have a designated score keeper.

Teams should keep orderly scorebooks for the season. Scorebooks may be reviewed by the Board at any time during the season to audit accuracy.

IX. PROTESTS (Actions that affect the outcome of the game)

A protest is filed ON THE SPOT of the infraction and before the next pitch – game play is stopped and the umpire signs the book and then play resumes.  After the game the team who lodged the protest will notify the board of their protest via e-mail within 24 hours of the game’s conclusion.  The Board will review the protest and then determine what action, if any, will be taken.  If a protest is not filed with the umpire at the time of the infraction, it is deemed waived and void.

X. GRIEVANCES (Actions that do not affect the outcome of the game)

Any grievance must be filed within 24 hours of the game’s conclusion via e-mail with a processing fee of $25.00. No grievance will be heard without payment of the processing fee.  Please keep in mind that certain things are said during the course of play and grievances should only be filed when words/actions go beyond a certain point.  Also, remember that the umpire is the official of the game and his or her calls WILL STAND. At no point should anyone bait an official into making inappropriate comments or argue any calls during the game.


The state park ordinance reads, “no littering during use of site facilities.” Every team is responsible for clearing all trash from their team’s area at the conclusion of the game.

Any individual who is found to be under the influence (alcohol / drugs) will be removed from the game at the umpire’s discretion.

Any player under the age of 21 found to be under the influence of any illegal substance will be immediately suspended from the League for the year.

The League retains the right to ask any player who they suspect to be under the age of 21 for identification.


The Queen City Softball League follows the official rules of the Amateaur Softball Association of America (ASA). Below is a list of modifications for QCSL gameplay.

Before each game the umpire will go over the official ground rules for the diamond. Any other rules of play will be enforced by the umpire and his/her call is final.

a)    Fielding a Team – At all times, three members of each gender must be playing the field (Extra Hitter does not count).

A team may start and play with 9 total players, and not be subject to forfeit BUT must maintain gender minimums. There are no restrictions regarding batting order & gender. Any loss of a player due to injury or ejection that leaves a team with less than 9 total players is a forfeit.

Any player substituted from the game CAN re-enter one time. Defensive positions may be changed, but the batting order must remain the same.

b) Extra Hitters – Teams may have up to two extra hitters (EH). This is optional, but if the EH option is used it must be made known PRIOR to the start of the game and listed on the scorecard in the regular batting order.

c)   Designated Runner – Each team is allowed 1 Designated Runner per game.  This player is NOT in the official lineup.  If the Designated Runner position enters the lineup, the team loses their Designated Runner for the remainder of the game.

d)    Courtesy Runner – Each team is given 3 Courtesy Runners to be used in the game. The Courtesy Runner will be the player that recorded the last out.

e)   Dropping Players – If a team starts with 11 or 12 players, they may drop to 10 with no penalty before 5 innings are completed.  However, beginning the 6th inning, if a team drops a player, an out must be recorded when the player’s at-bat occurs.

f)    Borrowing Rule – Teams may borrow only enough players that is required to play the game. In other words, if a team has enough males/females, they may only borrow to 9 players. The ONLY EXCEPTION is when a team has 8 of their own players but has only 1 of the minority gender, at which time they may borrow up to 2 players to be eligible under the gender rule above. Borrowing is limited to a maximum of 2 players per game. There is no borrowing permitted in the playoffs.

g) Strike Mat – A “Strike Mat” will be used during gameplay. Any legal pitch (that is not struck), that lands on any part of the plate or mat will be ruled a strike.

Updated April 15, 2017