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Power Players

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Scott Rupert


Embrace Western New York
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Club History

The Power Players officially joined the Queen City Softball League in 2014, though a majority of its original members already played in the league in previous years. The team was formed to ensure its players received adequate playing time in a supportive environment surrounded by old friends and new friends. Each year, the Power Players have welcomed new players to the team from both inside and outside the league. The Power Players finished in 2nd place in 2014 & 2015, 3rd place in 2016, and continue to strive towards a championship win while having fun along the way. We would like to thank our new sponsor, Embrace Western New York, for their generous support.

Team Sponsored by:Embrace Western New York

Embrace Western New York
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2017 Schedule – Download PDF

Date Time Away Team Home Team Field
Sun 5/7/2017 11:00 AM Pitch, Please! PowerPlayers Field 4
Sun 5/7/2017 2:00 PM PowerPlayers Terrapins Field 6
Sun 5/14/2017 11:00 AM PowerPlayers Angels Field 5
Sun 5/14/2017 3:30 PM PowerPlayers No Handouts Field 5
Sun 5/21/2017 12:30 PM PowerPlayers Good Job! Mongooses Field 4
Sun 5/21/2017 2:00 PM Fugazi Raiders PowerPlayers Field 4
Sun 5/28/2017 12:30 PM Beaver Fever PowerPlayers Field 4
Sun 5/28/2017 3:30 PM Q Ballers PowerPlayers Field 6
Sun 6/11/2017 12:30 PM PowerPlayers The Reign Field 5
Sun 6/11/2017 3:30 PM Q2 PowerPlayers Field 5
Sun 6/18/2017 2:00 PM Legal Eagles PowerPlayers Field 4
Sun 6/25/2017 2:00 PM PowerPlayers Fugazi Raiders Field 5
Sun 6/25/2017 3:30 PM PowerPlayers Beaver Fever Field 5
Sun 7/2/2017 12:30 PM PowerPlayers No Handouts Field 6
Sun 7/2/2017 3:30 PM Q Ballers PowerPlayers Field 5
Sun 7/9/2017 12:30 PM Beaver Liquors PowerPlayers Field 6


Sportsmanship Pledge

The Queen City Softball League provides and protects the opportunity for individuals who support the bonds of gay fellowship to play softball in a friendly competitive atmosphere free of discrimination on the basis of ability, age, race, creed, gender or sexual orientation.

All participants of the League remember that the game is played for fun and to promote unity within the LGBT Community. We will work together to create a positive environment that fosters an acceptance of all league members through mutual respect.


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