I have been trying to convey my feeling regarding the horrific events but my words have turned in to tears and my mind becomes muddled with emotions but I saw this and thought it was eloquently worded:

While you may not have personally known someone there, you truly do know everyone there.

The bright-eyed kid at his/her first pride.
The couple out to dance after a week of domestic bliss and work.
The bar flies who are there every week.
The queen out to hear the music and flaunt the latest fashion.
The straight friend who comes to support.
The stalwart pro who has seen it all.
The clique of friends out to commiserate and celebrate…

We know you all…One Human Family

Make no mistake about it this was an attack on all of us, LGBTQ, straight, republican, democrat, Latin, African.

While our hearts weep the most important thing we can do is continue the fight for social equality and acceptance.

– Frank Coney, QCSL Commissioner

By now, everyone has heard about the tragedy that unfolded at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando this past weekend. At approximately 2 a.m. June 12, a man entered Pulse nightclub armed with a handgun and an AR-15-type rifle. With those weapons, in cold blood, he murdered forty-nine members of the LGBTQ community and injured at least fifty more. Understandably, the community is shaken.

If we’ve learned anything over the last decades, the LGBTQ community is resilient. The LGBTQ community is strong. The LGBTQ community will survive, but we must take action.

In honor of the victims of this abhorrent act, the Queen City Softball League is asking our members and supporters to join with us to help those affected most by the Pulse tragedy.

On Sunday, June 19, QCSL Board Members will be at each game taking donations that will go to the victims at Pulse and their families. QCSL will match the first $500 raised Sunday at Lasalle Park.

We encourage everyone to be generous during these difficult times. Cash will be accepted and checks can be made out to “GLBT Center of Central Florida”. You can learn more about the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida by going to their website (www.thecenterorlando.org).

The GLBT Community Center of Central Florida is a 501(c)(3) organization and 100% of the proceeds will go to victims and their families.

***Update: 06/18/2016***

A message from the Commissioner:

As we get ready to take the fields tomorrow, we do so in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who lost their lives in the Pulse tragedy. We will show the world that hate and fear will never darken our lives. Our love for one another, our love for anyone regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation will always triumph. 

If you feel anger and hate let each swing of your bat be your release, let every high five be the transference of your love to someone else. 

I am asking at the conclusion of each game, instead of the traditional “good game” cheer, each team cheer (on three) “We are Orlando”. 

Don’t forget to give whatever you can to the collection envelopes each team will be given at the start of the day.  ‪#‎weareorlando‬

– Frank Coney, QCSL Commissioner

***Update: 06/21/2016***

While the events of June 12th will forever be in our minds, and our hearts will continue to break as we see stories of the men and women who were lost on that day, the events of June 19th at Lasalle Park will serve as a reminder that “We are Buffalo”!

Together as a community, we raised $1044.00 from our QCSL members, $500.00 from the League Board, and another independent $160.00! The total of $1,704 will be sent to the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida as they continue their efforts to assist the families of the victims.

I visited each diamond multiple times on Sunday and the chant of “We are Orlando” could be heard throughout the park. Tears of sorrow have turned into tears of pride.

Whatever happens, near or far, know that the WNY Community stands with Orlando and all other LGBTQ communities around this country. I am so proud to be a member of this League and this community. Thank you everyone for your outpouring of support! ‪#‎weareorlando‬ ‪#‎buffalove‬‪#‎OnePulseBuffalo‬

– Frank Coney, QCSL Commissioner

Pulse Orlando

Pulse Orlando