2017 Board Elections

July 25, 2016 League Leadership News


Election Results:

  • Commissioner: Frank Coney
  • Secretary: Jennie Powers
  • Women’s Representative: Kelly Ambrose


Elections for the 2017 QCSL Executive Board will take place on Sunday, July 24.

Team Captains will receive ballots for the each player.

Results will be announced upon final count.

Nominations for the 2017 QCSL Executive Board have officially closed!

Holding a position on the Board carries with it a responsibility to represent QCSL members and sponsors and to help guide the league in a manner that adheres to its mission.

If a QCSL member wishes to run for one of the open positions on the QCSL Executive Board, nominations must have been received via e-mail by July 9, 2017.

For a nomination to be considered, the member must be in good standing, which means the member cannot have been suspended, ejected or on probation this year.

All elected positions are 2-year terms. Please only submit a nomination if you are committed to fulfill your responsibilities for the length of the term.

The positions up for nomination are outlined below:


  • The Commissioner is the chief officer of the League.
  • The Commissioner calls for and presides over all QCSL Executive Board meetings.
  • The Commissioner shall be responsible to the QCSL Executive Board for administration of all policies of the QCSL Executive Board.
  • The Commissioner has full voting privileges at all meetings. In addition, the Commissioner has the tie‐breaking vote in the event of a stalemate.
  • The Commissioner is the chief spokesperson and voting member of the League for all events and activities.


  • The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the QCSL Executive Board
    Record, prepare and distribute the minutes of all QCSL Executive Board meetings including the communication of QCSL Executive Board decisions.
  • The Secretary shall maintain an up‐to‐date file of all minutes.
  • The Secretary shall help the Commissioner in recording Speaker sequence during meetings.
  • The Secretary shall collect and track player-fee and application/waiver form.
  • The Secretary shall collect and maintain all data related to players, teams, games played, MVP, Sportsman, and alike.

Women’s Representative

  • The Women’s Representative shall serve in the spirit of representing the interests of women in QCSL.
  • The Women’s Representative will attend all QCSL Executive Board meetings and work to promote women’s participation and continued growth in QCSL.
  • The Women’s Representative may be responsible for other chairs in conducting ongoing League business.
  • Prior to Executive Board votes, the Women’s Representative may be required to poll membership on key issues to ensure adequate information is considered.