2018 Board Elections

July 10, 2017 League Leadership News

Applications for the 2018 QCSL Executive Board have officially opened!

If a QCSL member wishes to run for one of the open positions on the QCSL Executive Board, applications must be received via e-mail to our commissioner by Thursday, July 27, 2017. In your e-mail application, please include information about yourself, why you would be a good fit for the position, and any ideas you have to improve QCSL.

Holding a position on the Board carries with it a responsibility to represent QCSL members & sponsors and to help guide the league in a manner that adheres to its mission. For an application to be considered, the member must be in good standing, which means the member cannot have been suspended, ejected, or on probation this year.

Please only submit a nomination if you are committed to fulfill your responsibilities for the length of the term.

Voting will take place on Sunday, July 30th (first week of Playoffs) at the Lasalle Park Softball Diamonds.

In addition to the duties of individual league officers which are described in detail below, it is the responsibility of all members of the Executive Board to be present regularly at Executive Board meetings, to take an active role in participating in the discussion of issues brought before the QCSL Executive Board, and to contribute to the implementation of league policies, goals and ongoing activities.

Open Positions w/ 2-year terms (2018-2019)

Assistant Commissioner

  • Performs all duties of the Commissioner in case of absence or disability of the Commissioner.
  • Assumes the Commissioner’s Chair when it is vacated before the end of the term.
  • Promotes QCSL to other groups and individuals who may be unfamiliar with the League, or those who represent potential new members for the League.
  • Umpire Liaison; secure contact with an umpire association for the season through a bid process.
  • Maintain adequate inventory of game balls, safety bags, and bases.
  • Player fee and application/waiver form collection.


  • Keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed in accordance with the QCSL Executive Board decisions.
  • Safeguard the League assets.
  • Draw up the accounts of the League and present them for audit no later than the 15th of October following that season’s play.
  • Make available to the League a statement of all receipts and disbursements.
  • Receive a statement settling accounts for all major events no later than fifteen (15) days after the event. The settling of accounts shall include the submission of all receipts and invoices and a written report from the organizer of the event.
  • Be responsible for the timely preparing and filing of appropriate tax returns in accordance with the relevant laws.
  • Consult all committees expending League funds.
  • Collect sponsorship and player fees
  • The financial statement of the League shall contain all receipts and disbursements and indicate financial position.

Information Technology Administrator

  • Maintain the league’s website and related systems (hosting, e-mail, file sharing, social media, search optimization, etc).
  • Evaluate and identify opportunities to improve the website/database based on user and executive committee feedback.
  • Update website content, structure, and images in coordination with the executive committee.
  • Troubleshoot, locate, and debug potential website issues.
  • Track usage statistics, prepare reports, and monitor performance of the website.
  • Maintain periodic backups of the website content and database.
  • Manage the league’s email messaging, telephony, and document management systems.
  • Maintain the league’s use of social media.
  • Provide technical direction to the executive committee related to new technologies not utilized by the league.

Fundraising & Sponsor Coordinator (*NEW POSITION*)

  • Responsible for the organization of league-wide QCSL fundraisers.
  • Will work closely with the rest of the Board to determine new and creative ways to bring in league income.
  • Report on all fundraising events, including income and trends.
  • Will be a resource for teams that need guidance on fundraising and deferring team costs.
  • Act as liaison to all team and league sponsors.
  • Serve as the point person on the Board for all communication with sponsors.

Open Positions w/ 1-year terms (2018)


  • Keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the QCSL Executive Board.
  • Record, prepare and distribute the minutes of all QCSL Executive Board meetings including the communication of QCSL Executive Board decisions to the League Managers within one (1) week of the Executive Board meetings.
  • Maintain an up‐to‐date file of all minutes.
  • Help the Commissioner in recording Speaker sequence during meetings.
  • Player fee and application/waiver form collection.
  • Tracking players/teams/games played/MVP/Sportsman.

Women’s/Players Representative (applicants must identify as female)

  • Represent the interests of the new players and teams of the League.
  • Represent the new players and teams of the League at Executive Board meetings.
  • Be required to poll the new membership on key issues before the QCSL Executive Board meetings and present their findings to ensure adequate information is at hand prior to and Executive vote.
  • Solicit/recruit sponsors/players that will strengthen the QCSL and support its objectives.
  • Represent the interests of the women of the League.
  • Represent the women of the League at the QCSL Executive Board meetings.