2018 Season Primer

May 4, 2018 2018 Season News Policies

As we to kick off the 2018 Season, The Queen City Softball League recommends all players, coaches, and fans to review league rules and policies to prepare for the season.

We strongly encourage all managers and players to know the rules associated with the game, and to read & understand the Queen City Softball League Constitution.

QCSL Sportsmanship Pledge

All members should be aware that the league board will actively enforce the Queen City Softball League Sportsmanship Pledge, which all players and non-players agree to and accept during the registration process.

“As a member of the Queen City Softball League (QCSL), I understand the spirit of fair play while playing hard. I will refrain from engaging in all types of disrespectful behavior, including inappropriate language, taunting, trash-talking, and unnecessary physical contact. I know the expectations of QCSL and accept the responsibility and privilege of representing this league as a member of the league. By joining a team, I have made a commitment to attend practice, games, display good sportsmanship, and obey the rules of play as stated in the QCSL Constitution and its ASA Rule Modifications. I cannot expect to play if I don’t meet those commitments. As a player, I will ask my spectators and family members to treat other players, team managers, fans, and officials with respect. I also understand that as a member of QCSL, any disparaging remarks or actions against the LGBTQ community will not be tolerated.”

There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for disparaging comments or actions towards the LGBTQ community. Hate speech of any kind, towards any person or group, will subject a member to league suspension. Players who do not adhere to the spirit of the Sportsmanship Pledge will be subject to league discipline.

Where & When We Play

All Queen City Softball League games are held at Lasalle Park Softball Diamonds #4, #5, and #6 on the Buffalo, NY waterfront.

Games are schedule Sundays from May through August at 11:00 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM. (click here to view the 2018 season schedule)

The league asks all players, coaches, and fans to be aware that we are responsible for the cleanliness of the playing fields, fan areas, and bathrooms, including supplies for such facilities.
All QCSL attendees should do their part to maintain the best possible conditions of our areas of Lasalle Park.

The Lasalle Park Softball Diamonds can be reached by turning onto D A R Drive from Porter Avenue, which is easily reachable via the New York I-190. (click here for directions – Google Maps)

Lasalla Park - Satellite

Rainout Policy

QCSL Board members actively monitor the weather conditions every week during the season. The #1 priority of the Board is to ensure safety for all players. Games will not be played in the event of standing water and/or lightning.

Due to City of Buffalo Parks Department policies, the League is limited in the number of weeks that can be played at Lasalle Park. However, the League may extend the season and make games up at the end of the season if none of the games were played on a given Sunday, due to weather.

The Board makes every effort to make the call to play/not play all games before the 11:00 games start. Weather updates will be posted on our Facebook Page.

If no update is given, players should assume that games are being played as scheduled.

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Approved Bats

The Queen City Softball League, in accordance with  The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) rules, requires that all bats must meet USA Softball specifications and requirements of Rule 3, Section 1.  Only slow-pitch bats will be permitted for use.

For use in gameplay, bats must bear either the ASA 2000 Certification Mark, ASA 2004 Certification Mark, or ASA 2013 Certification Mark, as shown below, and must not be listed on the Non-Approved Bat List with 2000 or 2004 Certification Mark.


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Postgame Parties

QCSL works with our league and team sponsors to facilitate weekly Postgame Parties for our players, coaches, and fans, which feature food, drink specials, and more. Party details vary from week to week, depending on the host location. Information related to the parties will be posted on our Facebook page, and the locations can be found on our weekly schedules.

These events are a great way for QCSL players, coaches & supporters to socialize, refresh themselves, and replenish their energy after a long day competing on the field. We encourage all players and supporters to join us after the games. Help us show our appreciation to those who help make this a league possible!

To schedule a Postgame Party, please contact us.

Diamond Setup & Breakdown

Each Sunday, QCSL board members will be at the diamonds to bring totes to each field, which include bases, softballs, roster sheets, and other equipment.

Prior to the 11:00 game, the HOME TEAM is responsible for setting up the bases by using the field dimensions sheet included in the tote.

At the conclusion of the 3:30 game, the AWAY TEAM is responsible for picking up the bases and returning the tote to the park building where the bathrooms are held.

Score Books & Game Credit

Each manager will be provided team roster sheets at the start of each week’s games. The manager must keep track of who, from the opposing team, played in the game on the sheet.  Each manager must indicate the final score, any players used, the opposing team’s “Sportsperson of the Game”, and sign the team rosters at the end of the game.

Roster sheets must be returned the binder in the tote at their diamond at the end of gameplay. Any team who fails to turn their team rosters in by 5:30 pm will result in no player credit awarded. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.  It is advised that every team have a designated scorekeeper.

In order for a player to qualify for the playoffs, players must have played in 50% of the team’s games throughout the regular season.

Standings & Playoffs

Standings will be determined by the following factors:

  1. Win Percentage
  2. Head-to-Head Record
  3. Head-to-Head Run Differential
  4. Total Runs Against
  5. Coin Flip

At the conclusion of the Regular Season, teams will be broken into two (2) divisions, which are determined by record. For example, in a 12 team league, teams 1-6 will be placed into “Bracket A”, while teams 7-12 will be placed into “Bracket B”. Playoffs will be double-elimination for all teams.

Each division of teams will compete for the championship of each bracket. The team who wins “Bracket A” will be considered the QCSL Champions.

Final Playoff schedule and format will be released at the conclusion of the Regular Season.

Forfeits, Protests, & Grievances

For the 2018 season, the league has implemented a $40 fee for teams that are unable to field a legal team forfeit a regular season game. Teams will receive a 1-game waiver from the fee for their first forfeit of the season, if they do not have the minimum number of players present. Forfeit fees are due prior to the following week’s games. Failure to pay forfeit fees before the start of the Playoffs will disqualify the team from Playoff eligibility.

A protest is defined as an action by the manager of a team by which they dispute a ruling made on the field by an umpire and seeks a review by the league office. A protest is filed ON THE SPOT of the infraction and before the next pitch. Gameplay will stopped, the umpire should sign the scorebook, and then play will resume. After the game, the team who lodged the protest will notify the board of their protest be emailing the details of the protest to the league Commissioner ([email protected]).  The Board will review the protest and determine what action, if any, will be taken.

A grievance is defined as a formal complaint that is raised by a team, player, or manager towards another team, player or manager regarding actions that do not fall under the Rules of Play. Grievances should only be filed when words/actions go beyond a reasonably competitive spirit. Any grievance must be filed within 48 hours of the game’s conclusion and sent to the league Commissioner ([email protected]) with a processing fee of $25.

When a grievance or protest is brought to the league’s attention, the Board will decide the outcome of each case.  Any Board member whose team is part of any such grievance/protest will be excused from the decision process. If needed, members of the League will be asked to serve on committees. If a grievance is upheld by the league Board, the processing fee will be refunded to the team.

Featured Rules

Below is a review of some rules that are commonly enforced during QCSL gameplay. The Queen City Softball League adheres to the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) rule book, unless otherwise noted in the QCSL Constitution.

At all times, the umpire’s ruling is final. Once a call is made, it will stand as called. At no time should anyone engage an umpire in a boisterous or threatening manner. All registered players in QCSL have signed our Sportsman Pledge, and the banter between teams should always remain appropriate.


Each team gets 1 (one) designated runner per game.  The designated runner is someone NOT IN THE LINE UP; their sole purpose is to be a runner for a specific batter.

If the designated runner is moved to a position (or to DH), you lose the designated runner; no one can substitute for them.

Each team gets 3 (three) courtesy runners per game, who is the last recorded out.

Borrowing Players

Teams may borrow only enough players that are required to play the game. In other words, if a team has enough males/females, they may only borrow players to get to 9 total. The ONLY EXCEPTION is when a team has 8 of their own players, but only has one (1) male or female. In this case, a team can borrow two (2) players to achieve a legal team.

Borrowing is limited to a maximum of 2 players per game. There is no borrowing permitted in the playoffs.

Diamond 5 & 6

All fair balls hit over or roll down the hill are in play. Prior to each game, the umpire will review field-specific rules for each diamond with team captains.

Defensive Positions: Male/Female Minimums

At all times, the defensive positions must have at least three (3) females/males.  Being a Designated Hitter does not count towards this; they must be actively playing a position.

Infield Fly Rule

An OUT is recorded if a batter his a fair fly ball (not a line drive) that:

  • in the judgment of the umpire, can be caught by an infielder, pitcher, or catcher with ordinary effort, and
  • when there are runners on first and second or first, second, and third base, and
  • there are fewer than two outs

If these criteria are met, the umpire should immediately call the batter out, regardless of whether the fly ball was caught by a fielder or not.

Collision Rule

A runner must slide or yield to the fielder in the event of a close play, and will be called out if the runner could have slid to avoid collision on the play. For plays at first base, the runner should always utilize the orange side of the safety bag to avoid collisions. Additionally, fielders must not block the path of a base runner. Players who do not avoid or yield to contact will be called out.

Contacting QCSL

The league can be contacted in several ways. If you have a general inquiry, please visit our Contact Page or by e-mailing [email protected].

We recommend that all members stay up to date with QCSL updates and communications via our News Page.

All league communications are also shared via our social network accounts. While our Facebook Page has the most information, you can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We recommend all followers to turn on post & update notifications to ensure you receive the most important updates.