2019 Playoff Schedule

August 7, 2019 2019 Season News

The format for the 2019 QCSL Playoffs has been set, commencing on August 11, 2019, and ending with the Championship on August 25, 2019 (weather permitting).

Seeding for the Playoff Bracket are be determined by the final Regular Season Standings.

This year, QCSL will maintain the playoff format that will break up the 12 teams into two (2) brackets. Bracket A will consist of the teams that finished 1-6 in the regular season standings, and Bracket B will consist of the teams that finished 7-12.  Both 6-team brackets are a double-elimination tournaments. The winner of Bracket A will be named the 2019 Queen City Softball League Champions.


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2019 QCSL Playoff Brackets

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Playoff Rules

The following are rules that are specific to the Playoffs, which are outlined in the QCSL Constitution:

  • In order for a player to qualify for the playoffs they must have played in 50% of the total games played throughout the regular season.
  • Teams will be seeded by winning percentage earned from highest to lowest.
    • Standings tie-breakers:
      • Head-to-Head Record
      • Head-to-Head Run Differential
      • Runs Against (total)
      • Coin Flip
  • 15 run rule IS IN EFFECT.
  • 1 hour & 15 minute time limit IS IN EFFECT.
  • If after 7 innings of play there is a tie, the use of the International Tie Breaking Rule will be used.
    • “The runner is the last batter to make an out in the previous inning. This runner is placed on second base. At least one full inning is played, allowing each team the same chance to score. If the score remains tied, the same process is used in each inning until a victor emerges”

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