2020 Season Announcement

June 23, 2020 2020 Season News

QCSL Family,

We appreciate everyone’s continued support and patience during the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19.  On Saturday June 20, 2020, the QCSL Board met in a virtual meeting to discuss the pandemic and the 2020 season.  After thorough analysis of the situation, it is with extremely heavy hearts that the decision was made to cancel the 2020 season and postpone any future fundraising activities and gatherings.

Since the COVID-19 shutdown began, the Board has had ongoing discussions about the feasibility of holding a season with the health and well-being of our members, sponsors, families, and the community as the absolute top priority.  With New York’s Phase 4 regulations starting to come out, we have learned that any return to softball would, among other things, require masks for all spectators, limit the number of players allowed in dugouts to 3-4 people, require all equipment to be disinfected between uses, and would prohibit people from gathering under tents or together in close proximity anywhere in the park.  The safety guidelines set forth by the Governor would be extremely difficult for attendees to follow and would present difficult challenges for the players on the Board to monitor.  In addition, the City has the right to implement even more guidelines for their parks in advance of receiving permit applications, which have yet to be announced.

As we have seen over the course of the last week, 23 states are showing an increase in the number of positive COVID cases. In addition, numerous professional athletes who come into close contact with other players and share common amenities have also tested positive.  The Board cannot risk one person contracting the virus because of League activities and then unfathomably pass it to just one person. The virus, as documented by the CDC and WHO, spreads rapidly to healthy people as well as those in “at risk” groups, and can be unknowingly passed on from those that do not present symptoms.

We all can understand and can relate to the eagerness to get on the fields and play softball, but with the social nature of our league, the structure of our schedule, and the layout of our fields, QCSL has chosen to operate with extreme caution to avoid any negative outcomes. It is our opinion that any player, family member, or spectator getting sick outweighs any reward with having a 4-week season and shortened playoffs.

Registration note: Members who have previously paid registration fees will automatically receive refunds via PayPal within 5-7 days. Should you have any questions about your registration status, please contact us via [email protected]

The Queen City Softball League has been a fixture of the WNY Community for almost 30 years. In order to protect the community that we care so deeply for, the decision to cancel the 2020 season was necessary.  We encourage everyone to strictly adhere to the social distancing guidelines, especially when visiting the businesses of our sponsors.  Be safe, stay united, and help us all restore the WNY Community to its healthiest potential. We cannot wait to see everyone again and are already looking forward to having our best season yet in 2021.

NY Tough - Albany, NY