2021 Season Announcement

April 21, 2021 News

At a meeting on Sunday April 18th, the Queen City Softball League’s Executive Board voted to cancel the 2021 softball season.

This was an extremely difficult decision to make, and not one that anyone was hoping for, but the QCSL Board’s primary goal is protect the health and safety of our members and our community. Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 trends in Western New York are at or above the levels we saw in Spring 2020. It is the Board’s belief that the health and wellness of our players, fans, families and the community as a whole needs to be safeguarded in any way possible. In addition to the health risks, maintaining and enforcing the Covid policies for our League would be a daunting, if not impossible task.

Erie County’s current infection rate in 4.9% (the highest in the state) and in the weeks leading up to our meeting the county was routinely averaging over 400 new cases a day including 515 on April 16th, 2021 and on April 14th, 2021 65% of all tests administered in the county came back positive. These are the county’s highest totals since the beginning of the pandemic.

We understand that many will be disappointed in this decision. QCSL is a large league. Playing in a shared park with concurrent games on multiple diamonds creates challenges in maintaining the guidelines set forth by the city. Our league and its Board face many risks if intentional or unintentional violations of the Covid Safety Plan took place.

We are looking forward to getting back on the field with our community in 2022.  In the meantime, please abide by the masking and social distancing guidelines, and please get vaccinated. This is the only way to resume a “normal” life, as we knew it.  There will be periodic announcements regarding the League in the next few months so make sure to stay tuned to our social accounts for updates.

COVID-19 New Cases - Erie County, NY